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Stainless Steel Frying Pan Stir-Fry Pan Cooking Utensil with Cover for Gas Stove Induction Stove

Stainless Steel Frying Pan Stir-Fry Pan Cooking Utensil with Cover for Gas Stove Induction Stove

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Three‑layer structure, including 430 magnetically conductive stainless steel outer layer, aluminum middle layer and 304 stainless steel inner layer.

Fast heating conduction and uniform heating, and the bottom of the pan is not easy to blacken.

Uncoated frying pan is safe and healthy, and you can enjoy the original flavor of the food.

With carefully selected material, it is corrosion‑resistant, acid and alkali resistant, not scratched.

Stir‑fry pan can be used on induction cooker and gas stove,which is durable and not deformed.





Item Type: Frying Pan
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Weight: Approx. 3250g / 114.6oz
Applicable Stove: gas stove, induction stove, electric stove, electric ceramic stove, etc.
Pan Upper Diameter: Approx. 33cm / 13.0in
Pan Bottom Diameter: Approx. 23cm / 9.1in
Pan Length: Approx. 60cm / 23.6in (handle included)





How to Use


Before use: wash the pan with boiling water; some industrial oil will remain in the pan when it leaves the factory. Before use, boil the water on a low heat for 10 minutes, then clean the whole pan and wipe it dry; if it is not clean, add hot water Wash the pan with white vinegar at a ratio of 10 to 1 (white vinegar should not be too much) and dry it.

In use: Avoid high heat to cook. Stainless steel cookware has the advantage of rapid heat conduction, no need to increase firepower. On the one hand, it saves gas, on the other hand it can effectively reduce sticking of the pan, and it can also prevent the pan from becoming black and yellow.

After use: Please wash and dry thoroughly after each use to avoid food oil residue, warm water is better. Sponge, scouring pad and detergent can be used as cleaning tools; it is not recommended to use steel wire brushes and large particles such as decontamination powder and salt to wash the pan, which will cause the surface of the pan to become dark and old. If the pan gets sticky, it is recommended to soak in warm water before cleaning.

Package List


1 x Frying Pan

1 x Cover 


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