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Propane Torch Weed, Seesii 500,000BTU Heavy Duty Burner Torch with 2 Electronic Igniters, Weed Burner with Control Valve and 9.8FT Hose for Garden Roofing BBQ lighter Snow Melting, Wrenches and Gloves

Propane Torch Weed, Seesii 500,000BTU Heavy Duty Burner Torch with 2 Electronic Igniters, Weed Burner with Control Valve and 9.8FT Hose for Garden Roofing BBQ lighter Snow Melting, Wrenches and Gloves

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Powerful Propane Torch Weed: Up to 500,000 BTU heat output, the propane weed burner heats up to over 3000°F with ease. The dual adjustment system of the flow valve and the turbo-blast trigger allows you to control the flame with one hand. Ergonomic handle increases comfort during use.
Ultrahigh Strength Refractory Steel: Compared to other weed torches, Seesii propane torch weed head adopts refractory steel materials for durability. Without coating on the surface, it won't have an unpleasant smell when working. Comes with a 9.8FT hose, high-pressure resistance prevents aging.
Convenient Installation: With 17mm and 19mm open-end wrenches provided, the hose can be quickly connected to the weed torch and to a standard L.P. propane gas tank. We provide one more piezoelectric igniters for replacement(safer than flint striker).
Multi-function: The heavy-duty torch weed is suitable for burning weed, melting asphalt, snow melting, and starting a wood fire. It's ideal for weeds, roofing, welding, asphalt paving, wood treatment, melting snow&ice, thawing pipes, burning brush piles&other farms and gardens.
Contents: You can get a 2.3FT weed torch, 2 electronic igniters, 9.8FT hose, 2 open-end wrenches(17mm and 19mm), gloves and a user manual.


Operation Guide
1. Connect the hose to the propane tank and the weed torch

2. Rotate slowly the torch valve knob to release gas (If the gas is too much, it might be difficult to ignite)

3. Squeeze the igniter to light flame

4. Control the turbo blast trigger to adjust flame size

Note: If you fail to activate the flame, please make sure the gas isn't turned on too much. The electronic lighter may be loose during transportation. Please plug it in and restart.


here are some pro-tips to get the most from it:
- Use a 20 gal propane tank for big jobs (same one that goes on a grill)
- The turbo/boost lever can be loud, but don't let it freak you out (consider ear plugs on a big job)
- Test all connections with soapy water
- Wear the fireproof gloves that come with it, jeans, and a thick long sleeve shirt
- Try to have the wind at your back so the heat does not blow back in your face
- Don't let the fire go up the outside of the torch tip too much because it will melt the shrink wrap on the spark plug.
- Small grass/weeds will shrink back into the rocks
- Do not suggest trying to light your cigarettes with it

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